The course of the development of Su Ning from the ugly duckling to the White Swan

Suning and Gome can be said to be a national brand electrical appliances, Suning has experienced many storms coming, why can have today, all rely on the strategic adjustment and rich operational experience of the brand.

2005 in March, June, Wong Kwong Yu and Zhang Jindong were called out to enter the world top 500 goals, Gome, Suning together launched a crazy staking war, within 5 years, the United States and the Soviet Union became a big swan from the ugly duckling: 2005, Gome’s annual revenue is only 4 billion 984 million yuan, mainly entrenched in Beijing; Jiangsu Suning Appliance when revenue is only 3 billion 972 million yuan, is the Nanjing chain of "vision".

5 years, Suning Appliance revenue growth of 38.32 times, the United States grew by a factor of 30.

store goal means that the future annual average to open 200 stores, 3500 stores, is expected to achieve sales target of 350 billion yuan, while the e-commerce goal is obviously a capriccio reference scale and speed setting.

if the United States is "sick cat", and the scale of Chinese appliance retail market from the current 1 trillion growth to about 3 trillion and 700 billion after 10 years, the goal of Su Ning is possible: beginning with the 2005 growth than the growth, Suning store is 5 times, with an increase of less than the total size of the electronic commerce 10 times, there seems no reason to doubt this goal.

Suning comprehensive operation ability now seems better than the United States, but Suning "power system" can really become the United States "marketing force" of the killer? In a terminal position battle must set off in the future, the United States will die?

the competition situation and forms are left too much suspense.

regardless of Gome Suning counter will affect how much we use common sense logic to see Suning own goal:

Suning strategic goals: 1 intensive coverage of a second tier city

Suning said the recommended

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