Guizhou to talent plan to help 15 thousand migrant workers return Qingzhen Entrepreneurship

Guiyang has always attached importance to personnel training, and in the past two years to actively carry out the work of returning home to encourage. The new Guizhou talent plan has achieved initial results, inspired thousands of Guiyang wandering home.

since the implementation of the plan, has more than 1.7 kinds of talents to carry out local innovation, science and technology guide, inspect the lecture, the migrant workers returning home to nearly 15 thousand people, 17 people from the introduction of Guizhou high level talents, provide intellectual support for economic and social development in qingzhen.

1.5 million migrant workers will provide important talent resources for the local construction and development, driven by the example, I believe there will be more and more talented people to return to Guizhou, so that their hometown and innovation and entrepreneurship.

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