How to do business

is now a lot of people are lamenting the business is not good to do, less success, failure, in fact, if we can grasp the relevant skills, business success can also become a reality. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce a woman of the business, to see how she was sought and affirmed.

1, how to use free goods will attract visitors over

2012 October 18th morning, we drove to a famous scenic spot for wetland, near the park entrance, we stopped looking for a parking lot will stop the car, we are look around, a 50 year old woman came to us, and we take the initiative to ask whether we are looking for. Parking lot, she said, can provide a free parking space for us, with a cost free product for us to attract, we are attracted by them.


(in the retail service industry marketing activities, only active marketing with a "commodity or service" zero cost to attract customers, you will likely passing into the customer "is very large. Of course, the "passing into the customer" is the first and most important marketing activities for retail stores, only more customers through the door will create sales opportunities for the retail industry, this is the guide work one of the most important).

2, the leading product into a magnet commodity and benefit comparison

the first step, she asked if we wanted to visit the Wetland Park, when asked, she was very classic marketing.

second step, direct benefit comparison.

original words: now you see the ticket price is 70 yuan per person, I’ll take you into each person $45, but I see your license plate is local, fellow, and then you offer each of $10, $35 per person."

that is, according to half off sales, which in any retail business to the customer’s impact is relatively large.

we 4 people, a listen to this, of course, we would like to offer this, the province on the 140 we are still in the name of the abacus, she gave us another unique selling point.

said: "in fact, you want to see some wetlands, is a natural thing, if you go Front Gate, is sitting in the car battery, charge you 10 yuan per person does not pay the money. We’ll take you in a small boat to go in the water and make sure that you will feel differently."

a benefit comparison, a selling point to attract, plus 40 yuan cost savings, >

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