Do business must seize the opportunities hidden


is now on the market a lot of business opportunities, however, because of the fierce competition, face the opportunities are for, as a businessman, nature also need to be able to seize hidden opportunities, so that it can really help to the shop management. In short, as a businessman, we must be good at seizing business opportunities, more adept at mining business opportunities.

the sky, the sun shines like a raging fire in the northern part of the suburb of the city. Business will be better this day, drinks and beverages and ice cream has become the most sought after commodity. But now the competition is very fierce, the road on both sides of the house, meet the eye everywhere competing open, multi business, and its profit has been reduced to a minimum, a box of ice cream sold also earned 6 yuan of money, not to the consumption of electricity and time.

looked at little more than busy income unbearable business, a touch of melancholy inexplicable hanging in my heart, what is wrong? This year compared to last year, the amount of consumer spending has dropped a lot, feel the money is not worth the money, people will not want to spend more, can not buy the province, our business is getting worse.

in the face of such a situation, I carey played the idea of migrant workers this team. These migrant workers flow, are reluctant to spend money, but in the general store near the site of the price is very high, because at work, migrant workers don’t have time to run out of consumption, and daily necessities at what time are indispensable to life.

so, in one night, I shop to two migrant workers, they came to two bottles of beer to drink, and then take the washing powder, water glass, and some tools used by the masons. The day I just bought a watermelon, so after they paid the bill, I and their conversation, and cut the watermelon, share, and they gave them the name: is the same for a different fate entertain people.

in the conversation, I know the two husband and wife is Shandong. The girl talking to express, I see who is really sincere, and they are very enthusiastic, they say the heart of the truth: "our site there is a canteen, something of your old and your old, a packet of washing powder 3.50 yuan 3.50 yuan; beer; what are you here a lot more expensive than the sausage, instant noodles also expensive. I told my husband, after you from here to buy things well, buy more, running back and forth, dry day live very tired, do not run every day".

my heart suddenly had a bottom, and asked her: "how many people on your site?" She replied: "hundreds of people that work hard every day to go there to buy things, we want a lot of money!" I said: "yes, because of this, he is exclusive, so only dare to high prices. So, do you have a lot of beer? If so, I’ll send it to you, 2 yuan per bottle, a bottle of the province of $1.50, so count

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