Ceng Xiaoxian said that with his girlfriend was a good man’s Day

"girl friend will have happy children’s day, I should send what gift? Universal micro-blog, help me support it quickly!" Bo "201 white guest" send help micro-blog, a time to be very public, have a idea to give roses, are recommended to send cartoon toy. Today, with her girlfriend’s children’s Day is a new standard for a good boyfriend.


"holiday is just a pretext, find a reason to give myself time and decompression is the purpose." In a sales company to work, said Cao, he often travel, overtime, usually rare with his family together. He is going to go on an outing with his parents and his wife and give his wife a children’s day gift.

"80" Liu Zichang said: "two days ago to see someone selling a small rattle, immediately bought a few colleagues to " when the children’s Day gift; "." Her childhood love rattle, rattle now see feel kind.

"when the desired toy is too expensive, now make money, buy some toys is a kind of compensation." Xiao Wu collected a lot of Transformers. "I love this girl friend, has promised the children’s day and take me as a gift."

in the pedestrian street of a large shopping mall, usually appear in the children’s counter plush toys, cartoon watches are placed in a prominent position in adult brand counters. "This watch is very nice, but more than 2 thousand is too luxurious for children." Counter sales staff said that our target guest

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