Dry cleaning shop operating profit

Hefei has great prospects for development, with the rapid development of China’s dry cleaning industry, improve the quality of life, clothing fabric changes, increased market demand for dry cleaning services, but it is also because of the huge market demand, to create a good development prospects for the development of the dry cleaning industry, to investors bring business opportunities. So, dry cleaning franchise operating profit?

The maximum

pursuit of investment income, is the ultimate goal of every investor, so before the real open dry cleaners, usually asked to dry cleaning franchise store profits. In fact, the dry cleaners have to invest mainly in the production of clothing dry cleaning, dry cleaners put into the dry cleaning costs and consumers with the difference between dry cleaning powder. People who have been to the dry cleaners may know that the dry cleaning costs of a single piece of clothing in the dry cleaners are generally around 15-20 yuan. If you need special care charges will be higher.

now life cannot do without change, want to open a dry cleaners, fast action, so with the development prospects of the entrepreneurial project, what are you waiting for? Take action now.

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