Do you consider the population and purchasing power

really want to make a career, we have to consider many factors, even in the small location, are many investigation, if you are walking on the road of entrepreneurship, would you consider a good "population" and "purchasing power" problem? Let me see small series of!

1. family population and income levels

2. population density

3. traffic

General in the assessment of geographical conditions, should be carefully determined the location of the pedestrian flow through, this is also the future store traffic. The size of the traffic with the number of people on the ground there is a greater relationship. The number of passengers on and off the survey focused on: the number of passengers on the station to get off the change over the years. The more the number of passengers getting on and off the more favorable. If the number of passengers on board to reduce the number of passengers, and no new means of transport alternatives, the population will be reduced. According to the customer age structure of the station, we can understand the needs of customers at different ages.

4. purchasing power

values of family and people’s consumption level is decided by the level of income, so the district population income level on the geographical conditions have never.

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