Dalian to carry out the action effect of sewage treatment water significantly

in Dalian, people will certainly support the sewage treatment, because the scientific treatment of sewage, can make the environment better. Effectively increase the intensity of water pollution prevention and control work in Dalian, to strengthen the environmental supervision of waste water units to ensure the normal operation of water pollution control facilities, waste water stable discharge standards.

the action focuses on the river section upstream exceed the standard polluting enterprises (including aquaculture enterprises), coastal outfall sewage upstream enterprises exceed the standard, urban and Industrial Park sewage treatment plant, drinking water sources around the sewage enterprises and aquatic products processing enterprises of the five aspects to carry out special inspections.

The combination of

through daily inspection and double random inspection, the existence of water pollution control facilities are not running, exceed the standard of water pollutants emissions, waste water waste and other environmental violations of enterprises to be severely punished, and in strict accordance with the yellow card system to yellow card warning on the sewage enterprises exceed the standard or super total, all to limit production or discontinued rectification; rectification still can not meet the requirements and serious business to be a red card penalty, closed down.

in the "green water action" period, the Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will continue to strictly and severely punished, for environmental violations found together, and together, to meet the conditions of the transfer case, shall be transferred to public security organs.

Dalian in the process of sewage treatment, will be supported by people, if someone continues to discharge, will be supported by the law. During the clean water action, the Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will implement the weekly notification system, the number of people around the country to check the number of enterprises, the number of cases filed and punished, limited production and production of Huang Hong brand situation.

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