Lack of whateffect shop market demand

no matter what kind of people, is always easy to miss something, although some small things, but it is easy to have an impact on their lives. For example, a button on a high-end suit is missing a piece of how to do? Move the desk on the lack of circular screw and where to find? A new decoration tiles broken piece who can fill? I believe that life for these unhappy gesture of "chicken ribs" everyone met.

lives in the door of the old Guo after being laid off, aimed at these small trouble people, identify the market entry point, "Shiyibuque" in the previous year, opened a "missing whateffect shop, the business bigger and bigger, there are six stores.

52 years old Guo was originally in the factory to do maintenance workers, laid-off workers after the year before, I do not know where to start from the start, very distressed. After the investigation of the market, I think the line overcrowding, competition is very fierce. Just when he can do nothing, a small thing to open his mind, which spread to open, has become a unique local business opportunities.

day, bored to tears of the old Guo to my family get wine. Just drink in the head, suddenly my daughter in her study and shouted, "Daddy, desk and crushed!" Heard this and to see the book and homework on the ground, two screws and wire sliding shelves below. Looking for hardware stores everywhere, but there is no such "extended" screws. In desperation, had to use plastic rope tied up.

old Guo eyes bright, said his family may have a toolbox. I know he handy, homeopathy showed him a piece of toilet, top imported ceramic tile is broken, how also don’t deserve, like a "Scar" very unsightly. There is a leather sofa in the living room, a runner. The storage room also piled cannot work table lamp, electric fan, Soybean Milk machine, hand dryer etc.. Old Guo smiled and said to me, these two days I put up a material, all day to fix you. I saw him when suddenly a shot forehead, smiled and said to me, why don’t I open a shop, I believe many families have this shortcoming. The name is called "missing whateffect, easy to remember.

so a few days, the store opened in the street. Passers-by feel strange, have come in to find out what. There was a successful man carrying a shirt cuff, joked: "this suit I spent more than 3000 yuan, dropped a button. If you can make up, this button I would like to 20 yuan." Around the people have also talked about their troubles. Lao Guo asked the customer to leave a phone number, one by one down and all promised down. Old Guo Zhecai realized, to find a suitable "patch" is the key to the success of the shop.

second days, he let his wife keep shop, filled with a variety of strange and eccentric "missing" seven pieces of paper, riding the electric car traveled in the city small commodity market, second-hand market and antiques market, like an eagle search "prey" recommended

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