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today, with the continuous improvement of people’s economic level, many people love to travel, as everyone knows, tourism will stay in a hotel, a lot of people choose GreenTree Inn, as a well-known Traders Hotel, GreenTree Inn has caused a lot of entrepreneurs’ interest.

GreenTree Inn

so, how about the GreenTree Inn? New decoration, warm heart service, more online shopping mall free

the new GreenTree Inn in Meizhou city in Guangdong province people’s Square in Meixian Traders Hotel is located in Palace Avenue and Park Road junction. The hotel has a total of 103 rooms, including 1.8 meters big bed room, standard rooms, family rooms, suites and other rooms, most of the rooms in the price of between $189 to $329. Platinum card members can be admitted to the original price of 189 yuan for $161. In addition to enjoy discounts, members can also accumulate a maximum of 3 times the room rate of Green, in the exchange of luxury rooms www. or to the mall free of charge for 168. 168 ensure all gifts mall genuine cheap, is the exclusive membership value of online shopping mall.

GreenTree Inn

hotel to achieve coverage of wireless WiFi, and provides 24 hours of hot water, air conditioning, TV, telephone, luggage storage, laundry service and other one-stop service of hotel, and a business center, conference room, restaurant, free parking lot, accommodation, business meetings, dining together, make each stay the guests to enjoy the intimate Green brand service, to experience great pleasure.

ultra convenient transportation, business travel, travel preferred

hotel is located in Palace Avenue and Park Road junction, traffic convenience, distance Meixian airport only 6 kilometers, about 7 km from the MeiZhou Railway Station; location around the hotel restaurant, entertainment, shopping, Bank of plum hill, Forest Park Goods are available in all varieties., Lotus Bridge, West Water Park, is your business negotiate, sightseeing ideal place to stay.

GreenTree Inn

franchisee in mind, the whole hearted service

"hotel chain has the advantages of brand and market, GreenTree Inn professional hotel management standards to help me successy run the hotel, and Green cooperation is my most correct choice." Meixian people’s Square in Meizhou city of Guangdong Province, the GreenTree Inn Traders Hotel partner Peng Bin president said, "GreenTree Inn Meizhou city in Guangdong province people’s Square in Meixian Traders Hotel Traders Hotel as a quality area, welcome to come to negotiate, guests visit the city of Meizhou."


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