Xining urban management department to the destruction of the city said

recently, for the recent destruction of all kinds of questions for the health outcomes, municipal law enforcement bureau carried out research and arrangements.

through the efforts of the previous stage, the city’s urban environmental sanitation problems rebound situation has been initially controlled. But because of the appearance and environmental sanitation repeatability and responsibility is not in place to implement the linkage mechanism, weaken and other reasons, the recent flow in individual regions, vendors Jeeves, dead garbage and spitting, urinating all kinds of problems such as anew, serious impact on health outcomes. In view of this situation, the city’s urban management departments will continue to carry forward the "news" to the community spirit, reflect the city appearance and environmental sanitation problems quickly identify and carry out rectification, the directly responsible person involved in accordance with the provisions of strict treatment; in accordance with the standards of the National Health city carried out thorough and meticulous investigation, combined with the construction of "national health city this month" activities "two", the organization to carry out comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation, to coordinate the relevant responsible units timely removal of all kinds of garbage problem angle, and strengthen the service to prevent a rebound; strict implementation of city management system of job responsibility, in accordance with the requirements of grid management, the implementation of the first responsibility of city management responsibility responsibility to play a fundamental role in offices and front-line inspectors personnel, to ensure the city clean and tidy and orderly; the effective implementation of environmental sanitation cleaning staff floating wage system, law enforcement personnel 100 Sub assessment system, such as the role of restraint and incentive, the establishment of a mechanism for the masses to report complaints related to the assessment of the situation and the responsibility of the people to strengthen the daily supervision of the field, enhance the initiative to ensure the effectiveness of the assessment.


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