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5 28, the province’s comprehensive management of social work conference held in Qinghai Hotel victory, the city won the province’s comprehensive management of social management objectives in 2012 to assess the "outstanding areas" honorary title, ranked first. Since 2010, the city continued to maintain the province’s leading level, to achieve the comprehensive management of social management work three consecutive goals.

in recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to social management and peace building work, firmly establish the "best management is service, the best service is fine" concept, adhere to the people first, outstanding grassroots foundation, comprehensively promote the innovation of social management, to achieve a breakthrough point, peace building development, people’s work people have a sense of security goals. In practice, the city actively explore, innovation and development, focusing on the following five tasks.

first, focus on regional characteristics, solid foundation. I built the first city in the province’s social harmony and stability of the demonstration zone "as the goal, focus on" peace and build a strong foundation to create a peaceful environment of grassroots organizations, grassroots workers, peace is inspire wisdom lies in the innovation of grassroots social management ideas, to lay a solid base, laying a solid foundation, pay close attention to the implementation of . "Frontline law" (i.e. : in a master; solve problems in a contradiction in line; resolve; implementation; measures in the first stable in the first reinforced ). adhere to the grid management service as the normal way of the construction of "safe Xining" and the effective carrier of social management, in accordance with the help of management services to the masses, is conducive to the formation of regional characteristics, relying on the community platform, with "organization unit minimization, service management optimization" as the goal, to the party the organization as the core, to workstation for the backbone of the city’s 143 communities are divided into 1037 responsibility grid, through the "Five" measures in the region will be the "people, places and things, love things," all into the grid, fine management services, resource sharing, to the public business process standardization, "social worker" and efficient service, to achieve full coverage, grid work of zero-gap". At the same time, and constantly improve the management mechanism of social security level, the annual total investment of 104 million yuan, the new community service center 16, community elderly day care center transformation 63, establish and improve the four volunteer service network, established Volunteer Association branch 6, group of regional professional volunteer service teams 67. Through the grid construction, community service projects and services continue to broaden the scope of community service quality, service means continue to optimize.

two, focus on solving the problem, pay close attention to the implementation of the work. From the city to enhance the people’s sense of security, happiness, and comprehensively promote the construction of Ping An Xining.

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