Voice of sexuality

first_imgI don’t regret losing you and making you free from my love which has just been painful. I know that you don’t admit and you will never confess that all I did was a terrible tragedy to your soul. But I know how mean I was to leave you alone in dark with the pain of forever. However, I took a step unknowingly for a huge cataclysm. You whip me every night with the song of love in my ears. I see your face in the Dark Oolong tea. You walk with me as doleful as I am towards the port of call. I see you everywhere even when you are not called. I cannot slur you. I cannot. I had written letters to you all these years but they never reached you. They would have never let you live in harmony, you would have died alive alone in poetry and I know that poetry has never saved your life. If only I had the audacity to tell the world about my sexuality. We were saved, perhaps with back and forth slaughter, but we were saved.last_img

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