Accepting women in society

first_imgEach one of you must have heard long speeches about women empowerment and successful women in society, but how many of us are ready to accept the truth that women can be successful as well. There are people who are changing their perspectives about such issues but the problem is that it’s only a few; we can’t call it a large society to be honest.We have female employees working with us in offices as well as female heads of companies but that stereotypical thought of people that women can’t be more knowledgeable than men doesn’t get out of the minds of a large number of people in India! That common slag that Ladki hai, humein usse zyada pata hai is still prevailing in India. Is it the male ego that doesn’t let women excel?Some IT companies are still not keen on having women at high posts and if companies do have women at high posts, men aren’t that happy working under the guidance of women. Well, here is where the male ego comes into play!Unfortunately, this thinking of people has been transferred to young children as well. Let me tell you a real instance, a girl joined a football class since she loved playing football and was quite good at it as well. Sadly, she was the only girl at the football class but still, she didn’t feel shy and went for her classes regularly; however, it wasn’t that easy for her. During practice matches, no boy was ready to take her in his team, so she was forcefully put into some team by her sir. Once during a match with other institutions, she made a goal due to which her team won but when it came to awarding the Goalie of the Match, her name wasn’t given by any boy of the team. That’s where the boys denied her equality.This isn’t what is supposed to be taught to boys. If a boy would have been in a place of that girl, do you think the situation would have been the same? Boys and girls are supposed to be taught to respect each other rather than having such biased opinions.You may call this gender inequality or simple male ego, but yes, women are denied the respect they deserve in Indian Society. It isn’t too late yet! We can still make women receive what they deserve as earlier they have already lost many opportunities so they can’t afford to lose any more of them!last_img

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