The Ethical Issues Involved In Arms Trade

first_imgThe ethical issues involved in the arms trade are:1. There are some countries in Asia and the Middle East having issues related to human rights, besides there was a famous case of the execution of some human rights activists in Nigeria.2. The invasion of people’s privacy as drones pose this threat.3. Clarity regarding consequence of actions, conditions under which the actions take place and their intended goal.4. It is expected that weapons could fall into the wrong hands.5. Is their demand or supply driven by financial gain?6. Competitive pressures among exporters leading to compromising principles.7. Discrepancy between the awareness of exporting arms and its actual results.8. The threat of retaliation and concerns related to a pre-emptive strike.9. Maintaining a regular market for such products is a highly responsible job.10. Government changes in friendly countries too; a destabilising effect is that arms could be used offensively.11. Illicit transfer of arms to non-state and state actors.Five ethical factors pertaining to circumstances, facts, or influences that contribute to the sale of arms to foreign governments are:1) Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations recognises the inherent right of self-defence that states enjoy under international law. To what extent this could be justified is imperative.2) Arms can’t be exported to countries that do not have regard for civil rights and liberties.3) Moral obligation to maintain regional balance affecting the nation’s sovereignty, for example, the implications of selling such arms to Vietnam, when the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also question China’s claims over almost all of the South China Sea.4) How to keep such deals away from certain defining characteristics of a Market Economy.5) Separation of interests related to security, economic, political and normative concerns.Morally, arms should be used as a deterrent against any adventure by an opponent.last_img

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