Quite possibly the best rides ever

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We encourage you to view your opt out options in Revcontent’s Privacy PolicyWant your content to appear on sites like this?Increase Your Engagement Now!Want to report this publisher’s content as misinformation?Submit a ReportGot it, thanks!Remove Content Link?Please choose a reason below:Fake NewsMisleadingNot InterestedOffensiveRepetitiveSubmitCancel By Rick Houser-As can be the case, I was driving along on a country road and since I still live in a rural area, I saw the following. I happened to look and see far off in a distance a man in a pickup truck driving across a hay field. That wasn’t what caught my eye though. What did was that on the tailgate of the older model pickup were three children. They were tiding along with their legs dangling off the tailgate and the grass as it passed under the truck was brushing the back of their legs. I could see the simple pleasure these children were enjoying as the truck slowly moved on.As I drove on I began to think about the days when I was one of those little children and it was my legs dangling. The more I thought about this the more I realized that here was one of the events, that even though it was simple, it was quite possibly one of the most enjoyable things I did back then. Not only did I enjoy the pleasure of this simple thing but also I realized that in no way was I the only kid to ever do it. If you lived in a rural country area, the odds were good you also had enjoyed the ultimate ride.I find it hard to explain the fun that ride truly was. To ride freely out across a field or a dirt path without the need of a parent telling you how or how not I think must have mixed into the formula of riding across a kind of uncharted area and free from restraint leaving one to see and feel the pleasures that can be found on this earth. As the legs dangled, a breeze brushed across the face and also would blow your hair. The ride was not the smoothest as it was over bumpy fields and paths and even almost abandoned township gravel roads. If you were riding, I feel it was as we were moving along at a fast speed when in reality the truck was closer to crawling.I know when I was a boy and I saw Dad heading towards the truck I quickly fell in and headed toward the back of the truck as I didn’t want to miss a ride. Now if Dad was going out onto the road he made me ride up in the bed of the truck and I would sit on the sides so I could catch the air flowing by or just stand at the front of the bed and look out over the cab of the truck. At that position, you got the maximum in airflow and this of course was what I was wanting to experience. The old pickup truck was a greatly used part of farming but to youngsters it was also a great form of entertainment. To my dad it was something he could give to me often and the cost was always zero.I also must point out that if a truck wasn’t available a hay wagon was. Riding on a wagon followed for the most part the same scenario as you sat on the edges of the wagon or at the back and let, your legs dangle and if passing over some tall grass it would brush your legs. Since grass doesn’t grow in a uniform height a truck or wagon might go over a variety of heights and this would change just how much or little your legs were brushed. Now this could be a lot of fun as you passed over your legs would bounce at different heights and would keep you entertained. Yup it was free entertainment right there while the adults were working. Now that was a plus also as we weren’t as much of a bother as we might have been at other times. (I have heard the term bother used in same sentence as my name.)In the years that I became an adult and worked in the fields I still recall riding to and from places of work in the back of the truck and I still enjoyed the ride. The difference though that the ride also allowed me to rest and if I had been in the barn sweating hard I also enjoyed the breeze as it would cool me off and let me dry out some. However, even though I got those added benefits I still enjoyed just riding along with legs dangling and the tickle grass hitting my legs and for the distance of the ride, I was what felt like a thousand miles away from my worries or troubles. Those rides although they might have been brief could be relaxing and not only to the body but to the mind. I guess I never realized that as a youngster as children usually don’t have the troubles or worries grownups seem to accumulate.When I have had hay or tobacco crews and we had just come out of the barn from unloading we would be covered in sweat. So the men in the crew would just stand on the hay wagon and bounce along as we headed back to the field. I think it was a crude form of wagon surfing. The breeze would be cooling you and on the ride you were having fun and for the brief ride this allowed the men to step away from hard work and play as kid for a while.On a farm there are many ways to have some fun and pleasure and at no extra charge. An interesting part is that even though there is no charge the only place this can be found for the most part is on a farm. (Kind of a monopoly in fun maybe.) It has been many years since I rode that free way that comes out in the country but I still think about just how serene it felt to do so. Now I am in no way the young child who was instructed before departure to hold on tight. However, if I found myself in a way where I could ride in the back? I surely would and enjoy being removed from the worries of today.Rick Houser grew up on a farm near Moscow in Clermont County and loves to share memories from his youth along with other topics. If you would like to read more of his writing Rick has two books for sale. To get one contact Rick at [email protected] Or just mail him at P.O. Box 213 Be Quite possibly the best rides everOctober 1, 2020Mark CarpenterColumns, Opinion0 HomeOpinionColumnsQuite possibly the best rides everlast_img

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