Qinghai Grand Theatre opened in October 8th

September 18th, the reporter learned from the press conference held in Qinghai Grand Theater, the investment of 500 million yuan will be officially opened in Qinghai Grand Theatre on October 8th. Qinghai Grand Theater is located in the center of the Sea Lake District of Xining City, a total construction area of 36 thousand square meters, including can accommodate 1200 spectators in the theater, can accommodate 800 spectators in the music hall and can accommodate 300 spectators multifunctional hall. It can meet the needs of the large-scale dance drama, opera, drama, symphonic concert, drama and variety show, etc.. Qinghai Grand Theatre is one of the scale of Qinghai and the western region the largest and most complete facilities, the most perfect, the highest level of intelligent building top comprehensive theater, built and put into use in Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai to fill the blank of unmarked cultural building.

May 2012, Chinese foreign culture group company through public bidding, get the management authority of Qinghai Grand Theatre, which is subordinate to the group company "played the cinema after the Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Shanghai Daning theater, Gansu Grand Theatre fourth direct theatre. As the innovation of Xining cultural landmark and the central cooperation mode attempt, Qinghai Grand Theatre will cover the western region of the national theatre as a core network system in the "speech cinema", with its unique geographical advantage to the performing arts industry development in Qinghai Province, an important cultural hub lay its focus on the status of the western region.

After the official opening of the

, the Qinghai Grand Theater will continue to introduce a wealth of performance resources at home and abroad, to carry out a variety of cultural performances. In the opening ceremony performances for the beginning of April, October 8th to 21, will focus on three sets of domestic first-class repertoire, a total of 10 performances, through large-scale, intensive performances, so that more people in Qinghai and the western region into the theater, and theater to create a fusion of multi culture full of unique charm of Qinghai culture art center, a national performing arts center in the western region and lay the foundation for international cultural exchange center. (author: Hong Zhu)

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