The province held a grand commemoration of the martyrs day Wang Guosheng, Hao Pengren, such as the a

9 30, the province held in Xining martyrs cemetery Memorial Day activities. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun and other military leaders, together with representatives from various provinces, to the revolutionary martyrs presented wreaths, deeply cherish the memory of the martyrs valiant record.

in the early morning of the Xining martyrs cemetery solemn, Revolutionary Martyrs Monument towering.

approaching 9, presented a basket of flowers ceremony began.

the audience stood to sing the National Anthem played. Tribute to the martyrs of the Chinese people’s liberation cause and the heroic dedication of the republic. Subsequently, children’s collective sing "we are the successors of communism".

in the deep feeling of "flowers song" in 18, Eli soldiers lifted 9 baskets slowly towards the monument, the monument baskets placed in the base. The ribbon of "immortal revolutionary martyrs" eight characters particularly eye-catching.

wangguosheng walked slowly to the monument, carefully organize the ribbon, the monument to the martyrs salute.

Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng, Wang Jianjun, Ren Qing Jia, Dorje Geltan, Zhang Guangrong, Ma Shunqing, Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Wang Yubo, Hu Changsheng, Dan, Lining, Mu Dongsheng, Cao Wenhu, Cheng Lihua, Gao Hua, Han Jianhua, Kuang Yong, Wang Liming, Yang Fengchun, Luo Chaoyang, Li Xiaoming, Han Guangzhong, Angwang suonan, Guo Jianjun, Gao Xun Ethiopia, Yang Xiong, Lu Guangyong and other leading comrades and provincial capital people’s organizations, families, veterans, teachers and students, all the cadres and the masses, the PLA and armed police officers and soldiers, more than 500 representatives with great reverence, one after another around the monument to revolutionary martyrs, mourning.

to participate in the activities of the representatives said today to cherish the good life not easily won the spirit of martyrs, inheritance, carry forward the glorious tradition of the party, ideals and faith, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, more efforts to do a good job, for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful and make unremitting efforts.


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