Scientists Have Created The First-Ever 3D Printed Violin

first_imgWe’ve all heard about 3D Printing technology, but this is a whole new level. The innovative minds at 3Dvarius have actually produced the first-ever, playable violin, produced entirely from 3D printing!A post on the Instagram account for renowned journal Science spotlighted the innovative design, saying that the instrument was modeled from the highly-revered Stradivarius, and is fully playable. One pro is that the violin, made from a unique photo-active resin, doesn’t respond to weather fluctuations like wood. However, the wood has a more full sound that is unachievable with the resin material.Watch their preview below: The violin has been around for some time now, as this 2015 video shows a violinist reviewing the new product:You can learn more about this exciting new instrument by heading to the 3Dvarius website here!last_img

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