Xining City special rectification private smuggling food waste behavior

recently, Xining formulated the "kitchen garbage collection and disposal of special rectification program", from mid April to the end of December, many departments of the municipal urban management, food and drug administration, agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and commerce, public security, environmental protection will be carried out jointly for a period of eight months of food waste collection and disposal of special rectification.

During the renovation of

, will focus on the production of food waste units, to carry out food waste management and standardization of the door publicity, inform and correct education. Investigate and deal with food waste generated units are not set up in accordance with the provisions of the collection container, pour food waste, food waste will not be handed out by units and individuals do not meet the collection, transportation and other illegal acts. Crack down on illegal collection and transportation of waste edible oil processing and refining behavior, focus on livestock and poultry farms without the use of harmless treatment of food waste of livestock and poultry behavior, cut off the illegal use of food waste underground industry chain and the interests of the chain, strict blocking all the illegal disposal of food waste channel. The kitchen garbage collection, transportation and disposal, take time and location, the way home service unified collection, centralized processing, prohibition of food waste by non food waste in Xining "navicert" units and individuals in the collection, transportation and disposal. For units and individuals in violation of regulations, according to the relevant laws and regulations, depending on the circumstances were be warned, fined, ordered to suspend or revoke the license and business license and other administrative penalties; serious enough to constitute a crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility according to law.


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