Xining city traffic police brigade to prevent accidents left no blind area

north of the city of Xining City Traffic Police Brigade Road Traffic Safety Management and accident prevention work as the focus of the current work, and recently being carried out the special rectification work organically, to achieve a clear division of responsibility to the people, it is not natural, refinement measures.

They took

to prevent traffic accidents as the key traffic management work, continue to maintain strict control of high-pressure situation, with a high sense of political responsibility and responsible for the safety of people’s lives and property attitude, typical accident analysis meeting regularly, summarize the rules and reasons of area traffic accidents, to carry out targeted prevention of traffic accidents work, to minimize traffic accidents, to minimize casualties. And conscientiously sum up the prevention of hidden dangers of good experience, good practice, timely detection and rectification of the problems and weaknesses in the accident prevention work, and strive to reduce the area of traffic accidents to a minimum.

continue to pay special attention to the traffic safety propaganda work, constantly adjust promotional content, improved forms of propaganda, improve traffic safety publicity targeted, active communication and coordination with the relevant departments, and constantly improve the long-term mechanism of road traffic safety; continue to increase security efforts all the publicity and education of rural transport, give full play to the rural traffic safety policing role. The police went to the fields of face to face communication with the masses, understand the requirements of the masses, the masses to solve the rural traffic safety awareness and low status from the source. Xichuan Road, Beichuan Inspection Squadron will be into the countryside, into the community as the focus of publicity. Through a variety of forms, the propaganda work to cover all the villages, communities, and effectively improve the traffic safety awareness.

Xichuan Road, Beichuan Inspection Squadron in the area of road accidents "black spots" and the driver of the prominent illegal behavior, based on carrying out special rectification work, take the mobile patrol and fixed combination of checks, in particular to strengthen the patrol and inspection work 20 to 23 hours, to strengthen the management and punishment. At the same time, do a good job of rural roads control, for speeding, overloading, Luantingluanfang, overcrowding and other serious violations to maintain strict management and strict and strict teaching work situation.

strengthen the management of the five kinds of vehicles. "Five" vehicles exist on vehicles without license, undocumented, Luantingluanfang, overspeed, overload, driver driving without a license, poor awareness of traffic safety situation, these vehicles are mainly concentrated in the area around the road, the road, away from the urban rural market towns and country road intersection, there is a great accident hidden danger. Area of duty squadron recently launched a motorcycle for the special rectification work, focus on the Chaoyang West Road, Qilian Road on the motorcycle control efforts, since July 29th seized Wupaiwuzheng motorcycle more than and 100, effectively eliminate the motorcycle caused by road traffic accident. Brigade requires the squadron to strictly implement the duty system, strengthen the monitoring of the road, the accident prone sections, dangerous sections to prevent sticking, leaving no management blind. In the prevention of road traffic accidents in the work of the organization and leadership in place, police work in place;

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