Provincial election committee members of the organization of the province’s college entrance examina

to ensure that the 2016 college entrance examination in accordance with the smooth implementation of security, the Ministry of education and the requirements of the provincial government, provincial bidding committees lead transferred the provincial education department, provincial security bureau province recruit committee member units composed of 5 special inspection working group, from May 18th to May 26th, the 8 city of the province’s entrance test area for the safety construction work and security room to conduct a special inspection.

the inspection team by listening to the county government and the committee members of the unit report, field view of the secret room, command platform, examination room, listening preparation, preparation and operation of related equipment, test room environment, access to relevant information, feedback etc., to the state and county government responsibility implementation; paper (paper) security; integrated test environment; purify the network environment involving test, fight against cheating equipment sales, test centers around the security and health and epidemic prevention, the special action against teicoplanin cheating; standardized exam management configuration for maintenance, English listening test equipment technology; proctors and related personnel selection and training, emergency plan construction etc. the situation has carried on the detailed inspection of the problems found in the inspection, asked the state county government to strengthen the coordination, the whole time Reform implementation. At the same time, the Commission requires governments at all levels and the provincial government in accordance with the "notice" on a really good college entrance exam in 2016 the safety work of the spirit, to fully understand the extreme importance of college entrance examination of safety work, to further enhance the overall awareness, sense of responsibility and awareness of risk prevention, earnestly implement the main responsibility, to create favorable conditions for the safety of the college entrance examination, to ensure the realization of 2016 safe entrance target.


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