With the Green Fair will be the provincial industrial and commercial joint venture cited jinfeng

in recent years, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce in the "Green Fair" as a platform, give full play to the advantages of network organization, implementation of the project, the introduction of investment, to achieve a win-win "as the goal, Zhuchaoyinfeng, boost the healthy development of private investment in our province. Over the past five years, actively cooperate with government departments to carry out investment work, a total of 90 contracted projects, the contract amount of $21 billion 421 million, the project compliance rate of 100%, the rate of funds in place to reach 57.47%.

in order to further deepen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, attract more enterprises to green investment, the Provincial Federation of innovative investment approach, and the Federation, Provincial Federation of Taiwan compatriots, Overseas Friendship Association cooperation, efforts to promote investment work towards deeper and wider areas and higher level. In China, the Provincial Federation of industry organization of investment management, project management experts and technical personnel, from government departments at all levels, Xining (National) screening investment projects of economic and Technological Development Zone, the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, Haidong Industrial Park and private enterprises in the province, through the classification, sorting, analysis, improvement, determine the key investment projects, through the organization of network Federation, the Federation, Tsu, Overseas Friendship Association, make recommendations to the Federation of Hong Kong and Macao Chamber of Commerce and the private enterprise. At the same time, with the Xining municipal government, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial animal husbandry department, the provincial Civil Air Defense Office, the provincial radio and Television Bureau together with the delegation to Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Jiangxi, Chongqing and other provinces (municipalities) to carry out on-site promotion; invited the Beijing urban construction group, Shaanxi construction group, Sichuan Huachuan group, Hebei Star Aviation Technology Group and other foreign enterprises to green investment investigation; investigation and project investment of three County Chamber of Commerce, in the green remote member enterprises and part of the central enterprises to use Tianjin City East Sea docking; "harmony", "Xi’an itefcewc" and other kinds of trade negotiation platform, invite private enterprises and entrepreneurs attending investment in Hong Kong and macao.

During the period of

2012 to 2015 "Green Fair, more than 1200 customers were invited to a collection of high profit group, Yi Tak Holdings, Buchang Pharmaceutical Group, Yili Group and other three places of influential business. 2015 sixteenth session of the Green Fair, there are 317 domestic private entrepreneurs, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Merchants participants, contributed to the signing of the project, the signing of the amount of 3 billion 73 million yuan. 2016 "in the upcoming Green Fair and the third session of the electric vehicle challenge, from Canada (Furui) holding group, the United States Onkyo group, Chongqing taoranju group, Jiangxi Kaixinren group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad will be invited to attend the meeting, will be the" Green Fair "to add a thick and heavy in colours.


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